Pamper and Indulge!

January – A Healthy Me
Days 5 and 6

Daily Actions:

Pamper yourself.  Remember how I said my feet and toes were looking a little less than desirable?  Well, I decided to give myself a pedicure.  Any other day, I would have simply removed the old polish and slapped on the new, but my goal was to pamper myself – so I gave myself a full-on spa-like experience.  See below (Warning:  If you don’t like feet, don’t scroll down any further!):

Step 1- Find random pedicure packet in closet


Step 2: Soak feet for 5 minutes in a foaming sea soak

*It kind of looks like the tops of my feet are hairy in this picture.  I assure you, they are not.

Step 3:  Exfoliate with sea salts

Step 4: Wrap feet in conditioning marine masque


Step 5:  Paint those toes and…VOILA!


Daily Actions:

Mindful Indulgence.  The idea of eating healthy often translates into restricting ourselves from some of the things we love.  But depriving ourselves and feeling miserable does not make for a very healthy body, mind, or soul.  As long as we fill ourselves with nutritional, whole foods the majority of the time, indulging in something not as great every so often is A-Okay!  Tonight I decided to drink a vanilla latte with a friend (yes, I could have probably indulged a little more with say, a donut, but the latte was calling my name).


And, because I thought it looked so great- my lunch from today:


: )


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