A Forgotten Anniversary

January – A Healthy Me
Days 9, 10, 11, & 12

Nick and I finally celebrated our 2 year anniversary on Friday, though our actual anniversary is on December 9th. We meant to celebrate on the day of our anniversary, but the day came and went, and it completely slipped our minds.  Five days later, we were lying in bed and reflecting on the last year together when I realized we totally blew it. Hey, at least we both forgot!

Anyway, we went to Biaggis, our favorite special occasion spot – though when they nixed the stuffed pork from the menu it dropped a few points – and for the first time ever, I left without feeling like I had consumed an entire elephant.  I managed to control my impulse to inhale the entire bread basket – I only had one piece – and I ordered the soup and spinach salad – which was actually what I was craving.  We ended with one serving of the bread pudding, which is a must-have at Biaggis.  It’s all about moderation, people.  🙂

Daily Actions

Do something active on a date. After dinner, Nick and I went bowling, an activity we had never done together.  As a former football player and an avid weightlifter, I figured he would knock bowling out of the park.  He didn’t.  He was just as terrible as me.  In fact, we tied the first game 52 – 52.  PATHETIC.

photo 4 (1) photo 3 (1)

Try something new.  My friend/co-worker Katy set up a rock climbing lesson for Saturday at Upper Limits in Bloomington, and when I found out, I decided to tag along!  I had heard of people going, but for some reason it never occurred to me that I should try it out.  We didn’t do much rock climbing the first time, as we were learning all the basics, but I plan on going back within the next 2 weeks to test my memory.  (By the way, the place is located in an old grain silo; the silos are 65 feet tall. What a BRILLIANT re-use of that space!)

Relax.  Somedays we just need time to veg.  Sundays are usually those days for me.  Though I kept up with my eating and yoga, I took time – a lot of time – to just relax on the couch with my boyfriend.  It was lovely.  🙂

Prepare.  Eating right is all about proper preparation.  Though the extra time and effort it takes to prepare breakfast and lunch for the next day the night before has been a bit annoying, it has started to feel a little bit more automatic this week.  It can be so hard to start new habits and break old ones, but it can also be so rewarding.


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